Monday, April 15, 2013

My CrossFit Adventures

I have decided that it is time to revive this blog.  I am still a runner, in fact I am training for the Sawtooth Relay again.  BUT, I decided to also try CrossFit, and so when our local box (thats what they call a CrossFit gym) starting a "Weight Loss Challenge", I decided to join NOW.  Thats kinda how I do things.  I just make a decision and go for it.

My DH (darling husband) has been CFing for couple months, and he hasn't died yet, so I guess it will be ok.  Oh, and I should probably also mention that our friends Tony and Roxanne are in amazing shape, and that is one of their fav things too.  I guess the gym is pretty special.

So....I went today for the first time.  My quads were already pretty sore from running a 5K on Saturday that I was only about 70% prepared for.  My biggest fear is that my legs will be so sore that it will interfere with my ability to do my job.  (Working 12 hour night shifts at a BUSY rehab/nursing home...those hallways are LONG and I never seem to stop moving...those senior citizens can really keep a girl hoppin'!)  The trainers were super nice, and had very good ideas about how to minimize this pain and potential complication.  I will be fine in a week or two, but I am just so scared right now.  You  should check out the box, and come join the fun!

Pretty much the very first thing I did there, I fell right on my butt.  OMG, really?  I literally fell on my butt!  Oh well, I just laughed and got up and tried harder not to fall the next time.  I think maybe I need a "CrossFit for dummies book"  Does anyone know if that exists?  Im pretty sure something like that MUST exist, because there are likely a lot of dummies out there, just like me, who WANT to be in shape and WANT to do the right stuff, but just dont KNOW how.  

I came home and planned my meals for the rest of the day, and now I am going to take a nap.  Just kidding.  No, I am serious after all.  Nap it is.  

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