Thursday, May 23, 2013

Progress and Pictures- No laughing!

I say no laughing because it takes a lot to bear your heart and soul in "public".   You just don't realize how horrible (unhealthy) you look until you really start paying attention.  My hope is to inspire someone, not leave you in a heap, laughing at my before pictures! 

I survived another week of CrossFit.  This week is the first week that I don't have a job, and will add 3 days of running back into my routine.  The big race (Sawtooth Relay) is in 15 days!  Yesterday I did a 6.8 mile loop, but only ran about ½ of it.  I will do the same thing again tomorrow, and see how it compares.  I used "Map my Run", and WOW is that thing cool!  It runs off of GPS, so how much more accurate could it be?  It keeps track of exactly where I am and how fast I am going at all times.  It even displays elevation!  The only problem is I had to run with my phone, which was annoying.   But so far I am thinking totally worth it.  I ran my first mile in under 11 minutes.  What?  Yeah, seriously a PR for me.

CrossFit is amazing and fun and I just love love love it.  You should seriously try it.  I just finished week six.  

Now here are some pictures.  Very embarrassing and not pretty, but the point is to see the transformation.  Keep in mind, I had been counting calories and running (a little) since March, so I had a head start, but I just LOVE the way my body is shaping up.  Its amazing.  The results are HUGE, especially considering the time I put in…which is only 3 hours a week right now.  (Plus the time I spend prepping meals and shopping for real food, but hey…you have to do that anyway) :)

I don't know why I always look so angry….

Everyone loves the rear view…don't laugh.  Have you ever taken a direct from the rear shot of yourself?  You should try it.  It is very eye-opening.


Stay tuned!  Maybe tomorrow I will be crying, you never know.  Oh, and speaking of crying, yes I do that sometimes during workouts.  Today I cried when Kevin was helping me roll out my calves.  Yep…very embarrassing!  But whatever.

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